Lori Perez

Eclectic Artist – An everyday artist creating a little extra in the ordinary every day.

We all have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. I have the gift of small “happies”. My art is my daily passion.   Snippets  of paper and ink, a brush stroke on paper, a stitch, or recipe, my day is filled with an artists heart; making something “ordinary” extraordinary in some way; through a twist, a bauble, a spice, or a simple smile.

I am blessed to be able to explore a number of creative outlets as freely as I am able to imagine. After 35+ years as an educator, nothing makes me happier than to share a creative moment with others. My art is certainly not “high brow”, it is never going to command huge notoriety or hang in a great hall. My art is an expression of my open heart to connect with the world through small-unexpected gifts of joy. “Live your passion. Share your joy.”

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Education background:
    – Grossmont Community Collage, AA
    – SDSU- BA
    – Azusa Pacific University (APU) MA
Work history:
    -Taught 1-5th grades parochial school and public schools 
    – School Administrator: principal,    director of curriculum,                assistant superintendent public school
    -Founding Charter School Principal- Coastal Academy
Passion/Volunteer history:
    -Kiwanis International Chapter President, Escondido
    -Board President of Kids for Peace
    -North County Education Board Member
    -North County Kappa Delta Alumnae Chapter officer