Karen Cadiero-Kaplan, Ph.D.

Founder and Director of Wisdom Collective

A teacher by profession and a healer by birth, Karen has spent her life weaving the personal and the professional, the song and the drum, the ink and the paint. 

Dr. Cadiero-Kaplan found her passion for teaching by using creativity and play to advance youth education. Using technology, the arts, photography, and movement to engage students, Karen understands that even the most reluctant readers will read, and students deemed at having little literacy can write the most creative stories. 

“After decades of working with youth and communities from California to Malaysia, Mexico and Spain, I have come full circle to now create the educational environment I always dreamed of. One that is inclusive of all knowledge and wisdom and can be enlivened and created when we come into community.”

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Wisdom Collective

The Collective Was built to nurture authentic voices and to tap into our collective wisdom for healing, personal growth, and transformation.

Wisdom Collective has been a dream of Dr. Karen Cadiero-Kaplan for the last thirty years. Drawing from knowledge Karen gained while mentoring students in bilingual teacher education and educational leadership, her direct experience in special education and English learner classrooms, and her personal journey dancing, singing, creating, and learning from elders and the cultures of the world taught her that the deepest learning happens when individuals tap into their creative selves. And that the creative-self is most easily accessed when multiple modalities intersect.

Powerful intersections include music and meditation, movement and artistic expression, yoga and journaling. The power of meditation, for example, is enhanced and deepened by the sound vibrations of a crystal singing bowl, drum or therapy harp.

While we hope that Wisdom Collective will one day be a physical space and a platform for many artists, educators, healers, and community members to share the wisdom they have learned it is currently run by Dr. Karen Cadiero-Kaplan. As Wisdom Collective takes shape, we welcome collaboration from all those seeking a collective to share their wisdom and knowledge. Please send a message to Karen via the contact page to get in touch.

 Karen’s current offerings for Wisdom Collective include:

    1. Wisdom circles: Circles for women to gather and self-express through art, movement, music, clay, and sharing.

    2. Full moon circles: Monthly, free, online circles including music, meditation, and art to celebrate the next cycle in our lives.
    3. Sound meditations: Video meditations including the sweet sounds of Karen’s crystal singing bowl, therapy harp, drum and other sound modalites (perfect for individuals and for yoga studios to add as an additional offering).

    4. One-on-one mentorship for educators: Educators and parents seeking grounding tools for themselves, their students, and for those seeking a sounding board on advancing policy in the realms of multicultural, anti-racist education, will find a powerful friend and mentor in Karen.

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