About OUR Arts Foundation

Trauma causes a person to disconnect from emotions and feelings. OUR Arts brings local artists into organizations serving survivors of trauma to offer art workshops as pathways to healing by encouraging moments of connection and helping renew a sense of well-being.

OUR Story

About twenty years ago, I visited a yarn store that was actually a store front for domestic violence counseling. As a ceramic artist, I have been pondering the possibility of reaching people suffering from abusive relationships or homelessness with the healing qualities of art. Finally, in December 2020, OUR Arts Foundation was granted charitable status and positioned to offer art workshops around San Diego County. Of course, by March, all personal contact was ended as we sheltered in place. Coming out of the pandemic, OUR Arts Foundation (OUR stands for Outreach, Understanding, and Resilience) was ready to begin offering art workshops in organizations that serve people traumatized by sexual abuse, the foster care system, and homelessness.

With the help of local artists, OUR Arts Foundation offers workshops in various art mediums, including ceramics, painting, resin, woodworking, jewelry, floral design, horticulture, yoga, and much more. It has been proven that through artistic expression, people reconnect with the parts of themselves shuttered and lost during trauma to find new pathways to healing. Our participants exclaim in surprise over their unique and compelling creations. It is an absolute joy to bring moments of connection and happiness to survivors who are renewing their health, wellness, and hope. OUR Arts Foundation is working with several charitable organizations in San Diego County and continually adding more as new volunteers step forward to share their artistic passion.

OUR Arts Foundation welcomes artists interested in sharing their creative expression by teaching a class or two. OUR Arts provides all class supplies, allowing the participants to keep everything they create. Volunteers are also welcome to come alongside artists to help support and encourage the participants. In each class that OUR Arts Foundation offers, the participants have been heard to say, “You did all of this for us? Just us?”

Our Goals

OUR aspiration is to draw individuals into artistic expression​ in new and vibrant ways.​

OUR artistic expression fosters connections that transcend one’s immediate circumstances.

OUR Arts Foundation hopes to forge these connections for those striving toward a more meaningful life that embraces accomplishment and joy.

Ready to make a positive impact in the lives of others?